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The 8 Best Garage Services in Wallington

  • 1 - 31%
    I Stevens Carpentry Services - Wallington

    30 Mount Park, Wallington South. Wallington. SM5 4PS Show phone number

    Our main activities are flooring and garage. ALTERATIONS AND RESTORATION WORK Garage Doors and Gates NO JOB TOO SMALL ALL WORK GUARANTEED Established 23 years...

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  • 2 - 31%
    1st4clearance - Wallington

    81,Mannor Road, Wallington ,, Wallington North. Wallington. sm6 0de Show phone number

    Garage and undertaking are our main categories. House Clearance Services – London, Surrey | Call 0208 773 2000 for Instant Quotes! all house clearances...

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  • 3 - 24%
    Geyfords Ltd - Wallington

    1 Stafford Road, Wallington South. Wallington. SM6 9AQ Show phone number

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  • 4 - 24%
    Southspeed Preparations - Wallington

    38 Maldon Road, Wallington North. Wallington. SM6 8BX Show phone number

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  • 5 - 24%
    A C S Motor Services - Wallington

    17 Danbury Mews, Wallington North. Wallington. SM6 0BY Show phone number

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  • 6 - 24%
    Carmercial Motors - Wallington

    17 Danbury Mews, Wallington North. Wallington. SM6 0BY Show phone number

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  • 7 - 24%
    Roy Smith Garage Ltd - Wallington

    Elgin Road, Wallington South. Wallington. SM6 8RE Show phone number

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  • 8 - 19%
    Waltham Tyre Services - Wallington

    84 Manor Road, Wallington North. Wallington. SM6 0AD

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  • Would you like to maintain your car like brand new? Get to know the best garage services in Wallington

    We commonly denominate garage to an auto repair shop where different maintenance services for vehicles are carried out, like gearbox repairs, wheel alignment or other auto body repair works. However, before needing any car service and getting our vehicle repaired by car mechanics, we can take care of our four-wheels friend by parking it and keeping it safe in a garage. This time, the garage understood as our car shelter.

    There are plenty of garage services in Wallington willing to help you out to build a carport next your house, build a double garage for more than one vehicle or providing you with garage equipment services, like installing or repairing the automatic gate.

    Some benefits of parking the car in a garage

    Keeping our vehicle in a garage involves many advantages like:

    • It is protected from the weather elements like wind, rain and snow. What makes it look good longer.
    • By keeping it in the garage, you avoid possible hits and scratches made by other vehicles.
    • You avoid extreme temperatures and sun, what can damage the painting.
    • This way, you protect your vehicle from being stolen or suffering any vandalism damage.
    • It is better for the maintenance of the engine since as the car is kept warm, fluids and oil are stables.
    • You will pay less for your insurance. The insurance companies consider that the car is exposed to less risks, so the insurance will be cheaper for you.

    Where can I find the nearest garage or the best garage services in Wallington?

    double garageAt Infoisinfo we always work hard to be able to offer you useful information so that you can easily find the best products and services for you and your company in Wallington. This time, we would like to help you to give form to your garage ideas and keep your car safe. For this reason, we’ve prepared a list of the best garage services in Wallington. On this directory, you can see contact details such as phone numbers, websites, opening times and address. In addition, you can have a look at comments and valuations from other clients to get a better idea about the quality of the services of the different garages near you.